Wawangpulo Elementary School was established and started as a primary school with multi-gradelevel in 1948. Its first two-classroom building was donated by a certain Mr. Villarama, a politician and Mr. Halili, a civic-minded individual. In the early 70’s, a BagongLipunan Building with two classrooms was constructed. The construction of a three-classroom Marcos Type building followed in 1981 and a Home Economics Building in 1982 implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways. Due to ordinary wear and tear, the first two- classroom building built in 1948 became dilapidated and was demolished in 1995. To give way to the construction of the Wawangpulo Sports Complex in the same year, one of the two rooms of the BagongLipunan building was demolished. The complete demolition of the BagongLipunan building was done in the later part of 2003 due to the frequent occurrence of flood during a heavy downpour and high tide.

               The school became a complete elementary in 1975 and had its first batch of graduates in 1981 with Miss Eugenia Cristobal as the adviser and at the same time the designated Teacher-In-Charge of the school.  In June 1981, Mrs. Elizabeth Nicolas was assigned as Teacher-In-Charge to replace Ms. Eugenia Cristobal who was transferred to the Division of Quezon City until 1984. She was followed by Miss Simeona Francisco with the same designation. Next heads wereMrs. Virginia Fernandez, the first with principal position as designation.  Mrs. Lucia Jacinto, Mrs. Lourdes Jacinto, Dr. Fe Padrinao, Mrs. Adelia Mallari, Mrs. Cecilia Pacheco, Mr. Eduardo Q. Lita, and Mrs. MerlieOganiza, all with Head Teacher III as their position.

               In December 2004, Mr. Eduardo B. Materum became the second school head with principal I item when his reclassification was approved from Master Teacher II . Due to his transfer to other station in June 14, 2006, Mr. Salvador G. Junio , a Master Teacher of Bignay Elementary School was transferred to the school to take the vacated position of Mr. E. Materumwith Officer-In-Charge as designation. The school had fourteen (14) teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and two utility workers.

               When Mr. Salvador G. Junio was transferred to San Miguel Heights Elementary School in 2006, Mr. Restituto Serrano, was designated as Officer-In-Charge of the School in 2007 and after few months he decided to migrate in Canada with his family and followed him as the school head was Mr. Roberto Llanita who was a Master Teacher from Caruhatan West Elementary School and he was designatedas school Principal I from June 10, 2007 to May 17, 2011.  It was in 2010 that the school offered a Special Education class under the supervision of Miss Mariecar B. Felix, a teacher who specializes in teaching the special education children.

               InMay2011, Mr. Llanita was transferred to other school for promotion and he was replaced by Mr. Ruben F. Estillero who became the school principal in 2011-2012. Next to Mr. Estillero is Mr. Jonathan Lagdamen, a high school teacher who was promoted as school head from 2012-2013. The school had 17permanent teachers from Kindergarten to grade 6 during that year.

               After more than a year as school head of Wawangpulo E/S, Mr. Lagdamen was promoted as high school principal and was replaced by Mr. Arcenoel D. Zapatos, another high school Master Teacher II was designated asOfficer-In-Chargeand after few months was promoted as school principal. He was the school headfrom February 4, 2014 to June 8, 2016.

               For several years that the school had male schoolheads, a Master Teacher II from Caruhatan East Elementary School, Dr. Carmina J. Mendaros was designated as Officer-In-Charge of the school on June 9, 2016 and promoted as School Principal 1 from February 6, 2017 to present.  At this time, the school has 20 Regular Permanent Teachers, 1 LSB Teacher, 1 BEIS Officer, 1 Canteen Administrator, 1 Guidance Counselor and 1 Feeding Coordinator, 1 School Service Driver, 1 Watchman and 2 Security Guards. Because of the additional classrooms that have been constructed and on-going school building construction at present, there is a progress ofpupils’ enrolmentevery school year.